8.2. Ensuring physical and emotional well-being

You will notice that people with dementia are often quite slim, even skinny. Since the person with dementia may be too confused to eat or have developed anorexia it is important to monitor food and fluid intake.

Sometimes during the meal time the person might not be too hungry, they might want to eat only small amount at meals. To increase food intake and make sure that enough food is consumed to maintain normal weight you should offer the person with dementia finger foods that can be taken away from the table and consumed throughout the day.

You should also weigh the person at least once a week to make sure that normal weight is maintained.

Another important thing to keep in mind regarding people with dementia is food shaped or food resembling non-food items, for example, plastic or ceramic fruit, food-shaped soaps, bottles that look like drinks - people with dementia may not be able to differentiate between edible and inedible objects of the same shape and color, they put everything in mouth. Because of that such products should be avoided.

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