4.3 - Use of the life story in practice

In this sequence you will learn about how to use a lifestory in practice. The first thing you need to do is to see what a lifestory can look like. Click on the pdf-files below to see a lifestory document. One is a digital version and one is for writing by hand.

Watch the film below. The film is about how to use the lifestory in practice. 

Length 18.18 min

In the next pages you will read about two examples, two cases, in which the use of the lifestory can be helpful. The person´s name is Greta and the staff have her lifestory to read when complex situations arise.

A lifestory document and use of it in practice Case description 1 "I´m going home to my mother!" Specialisation of Case description 1 Case description 2 "Shower refusal" Specialisation of Case description 2

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