6.1 Loss and grief in relation to dementia, an introduction

For every person with dementia there is at least one relative. The number of patients diagnosed with dementia and also the number of relatives to a person with dementia are increasing in the world. How much help every family gets in this situation depends on where you live. In Sweden for example every municipality is by law obligated to offer care to relatives when they are assisting someone who is chronical ill. “The standards for bereavement care in UK” offers about the same care as the standards in Sweden. The care is often based on gatherings in groups where you get the opportunity to share thoughts and experiences of being a relative to someone with dementia. Sometimes there are also lectures about different types of dementia. Visitors seem mostly to appreciate most meeting other persons in the same situation. Support to relatives could be used by more people but there is a problem for the informal caretaker to leave the person with dementia home alone.

Introduction Dementia a palliative diagnose Loss of the future In sickness and in health The base in palliative care No one should have to die alone Anticipatory grief Empathy and compassion

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